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Diseased Teeth and Gums Model
GPI Anatomicals
An oversized model of premolars featuring many common dental problems, including cavities, gingivitis and advanced periodontitis.
OUR PRICE  £52.00 exc. VAT
Anatomy of the Teeth Chart / Poster - Laminated
Anatomical Chart Company
This poster provides a visual guide to the anatomy of the teeth, describes the function of the types of teeth and shows tooth decay.
OUR PRICE  £11.50 exc. VAT
Disorders of the Teeth and Jaw Chart / Poster - Laminated
Anatomical Chart Company
A visual guide to the diseases and disorders that affect a human tooth, including 12 dental anomalies.
OUR PRICE  £11.50 exc. VAT
Dental Care Model with Tongue (3 times life size)
Enlarged mouth model with toothbrush to demonstrate correct brushing and dental care.
OUR PRICE  £28.00 exc. VAT
Giant Tooth Brushing Model (3 times life size)
Anatomical Chart Company
Demonstrate the correct method of brushing teeth and gums with this economical tooth brushing model.
OUR PRICE  £37.95 exc. VAT
Diseased Tooth Model
One-piece model of a molar tooth with multiple pathologies, showing internall and external sections.
OUR PRICE  £20.00 exc. VAT
"Mr Gross Mouth" Model
Health Edco
This shocking health education tool uses a hinged model of the teeth, tongue, and oral cavity to show the effects of smokeless tobacco use.
OUR PRICE  £110.00 exc. VAT
Budget Tooth Model Set
Molar, incissor and premolar models embedded into clear plastic to show the roots of the teeth.
OUR PRICE  £28.00 exc. VAT
"Diseases & Conditions of the Mouth" Folding Display
Health Edco
A folding display highlighting many common oral health conditions in adults and children, plus tips for dental health.
OUR PRICE  £87.00 exc. VAT
"Clean Mouth / Dirty Mouth" Display
Health Edco
Contrasts a clean, cared for mouth with one that has not been cleaned well and shows signs of tartar, cavities, gingivitis, and periodontitis.
OUR PRICE  £123.00 exc. VAT
Classic Tooth Anatomical Model Series (5 part)
3B Scientific
This model set consists of five representative types of adult dentition individually mounted on removable stands.
OUR PRICE  £229.00 exc. VAT
Giant Molar Model with Dental Cavities (15 times life size, 5 part)
3B Scientific
This giant molar model depicts an upper triple-root molar with removable pulp and three tooth inserts with different stages of advanced cavities.
OUR PRICE  £139.00 exc. VAT
Transparent Jaw with Teeth Model (Adult)
Life-size model of an adult jaw in transparent plastic for study of the teeth roots.
OUR PRICE  £93.00 exc. VAT
Dental Demonstration Model
Health Edco
This model of the lower jaw is ideal for demonstrating dental techniques such as brushing, flossing, and cleaning between braces.
OUR PRICE  £105.00 exc. VAT
Dental Morphology Series (10 times life size, 7 Part)
Denoyer Geppert
This series consists of six removable teeth displayed on a transparent, jaw-shaped stand to demonstrate the full adult complement of teeth.
OUR PRICE  £436.00 exc. VAT
Flossing and Brushing Teaching Model (2 times life size)
Anatomical Chart Company
Plastic hinged model of the mouth to demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques.
OUR PRICE  £39.95 exc. VAT
"Taking Care Of Your Teeth" Folding Display
Health Edco
Display teaching young children the basics of dental care.
OUR PRICE  £72.00 exc. VAT
Giant Dental Care Model (3 time life size)
3B Scientific
A giant teeth model with toothbrush for demonstrating correct brushing technique and dental care.
OUR PRICE  £79.00 exc. VAT
Half Lower Jaw Model with 8 Diseased Teeth (19 part)
3B Scientific
A dental model with removeable teeth showing detailed tooth anatomy and different stages of cavities.
OUR PRICE  £166.00 exc. VAT
Transparent Jaw with Teeth Model (Child)
Life-size, hinged model of a child's jaw with removable teeth.
OUR PRICE  £90.00 exc. VAT
"Progression Of Baby Bottle Tooth Decay" Display
Health Edco
Set of 4 hinged mouths show the effects associated with prolonged nighttime exposure to breastmilk, juice, formula, and other sugar-containing liquids.
OUR PRICE  £112.00 exc. VAT
"Sippy Cup Of Sugar" Display
Health Edco
Model showing the effects of sugary drinks on child dental health.
OUR PRICE  £56.00 exc. VAT
"Mr. Clean Mouth™ with Giant Toothbrush" Set
Health Edco
Oral health education model with BIOLIKE 2 tongue and giant toothbrush for demonstrating correct brushing and flossing techniques.
OUR PRICE  £112.00 exc. VAT
Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Model
Health Edco
Display that teaches how the sugar that coats a child's mouth when sleeping can result in dental disease.
OUR PRICE  £66.00 exc. VAT
"Plaque Hunter™" Dental Demonstration Model
Health Edco
Demonstrate good oral hygiene by rubbing invisible simulated plaque over the teeth and gums model, then brush and use the UV flashlight to show remaining plaque.
OUR PRICE  £82.00 exc. VAT
"Tar Tainted Teeth" Model
A graphic insight into the damages smoking causes teeth and gums with fact sheet included.
OUR PRICE  £53.00 exc. VAT
"Smoke Free Mouth vs. Smoker's Mouth" Display
Framed 3D display made in the UK to show the damage cigarettes can do to the smoker's smile.
OUR PRICE  £144.00 exc. VAT

We offer a wide range of dental education models on including the popular giant teeth model and brushing models from popular brands such as 3B Scientific and Health Edco. Use the appropriate oral health model for your audience to teach effective dental care to children and adults alike.

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