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Browse our selection of male reproductive anatomy models and charts, ideal for anatomical study and men's health promotion.
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Our range of male reproductive system models and charts include anatomy models of the male pelvis, testes and prostate. Basic anatomical models show the male pelvis in section and assist in an explanation of male reproduction and urinary system function, while more complex models show the innervation of the male pelvic area and detailed anatomy including the ligaments, vessels and genital organs. Testicle models for training in testicular self examination (TSE) techniques are an invaluable tool for men's health education, to assist in the detection of male cancers. Our poster range includes the Male Reproductive System Chart and titles on the prostate gland, STIs, infertility, and testicular cancer. Pathological models feature enlarged prostates, BPH, prostate cancer and more, ideal for men's health promotion.