Browse our selection of throat anatomy models and charts, including pharynx and larynx models and posters.
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We have a wide range of throat anatomy models to choose from, including larynx models, pharynx models and functional models that demonstrate the mechanism of the vocal chords in speech. Our anatomical chart range includes posters focusing on the pharynx, larynx and laryngeal function, and an ENT chart shows throat anatomy alongside that of the mouth, nose and ear. The enlarged, budget larynx model is ideal for basic anatomical training, or choose a more advanced model in either life size or enlarged format for learning or teaching more complex anatomy of the throat including the cartilage, ligaments, nerves, glands, muscles and mucous membrane, and the surrounding anatomy of the trachea and lungs, tongue and heart. For models and charts featuring pathology of the throat, see the Gastroesophageal Disorders chart, GERD model or Diseases of the Oesophagus model.