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Browse our selection of health education models, charts and posters. Including models and charts for smoking education, alcohol education, and healthy eating. The one stop shop for health educators!

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We have picked the best health promotion models and charts from manufacturers and publishers around the world to help you find the perfect health education tool. We offer a large range of alcohol, drug and smoking education models and displays from top brands such as Health Edco, as well as sexual health education models, BSE and TSE Models, dental health models and tools for pregnancy and parenthood education classes. You can also find in this section the bestselling 'pound of fat' and 'pound of muscle' model by Life/Form that are so effective for weight, diet and health education. Our massive selection of Health Promotion Charts cover a range of health promotion issues such as sensible drinking, obesity, diabetes, smoking and heart disease, they are a great visual aid for explaining to clients the importance of a healthy approach to life.