10 Great Reasons to Quit on 11th March

The 11th of March is national no smoking day, offering up support for quitters and a community of like-minded people to help you get through the first few days. Deciding to quit smoking is always worthwhile, and here are ten reasons to ditch the cigarettes this March 11th.

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Save Money

In these times of austerity pretty much everybody is looking to save a few pennies, and the cost of smoking quickly adds up. Somebody who smokes ten cigarettes a day could be looking at saving around £800 over the course of a year just by quitting, which is certainly a significant amount. If you want to know how much your habit is costing you, check out this cost calculator

Life Expectancy

Men who kick the habit before they turn 30 add an average of 10 years to their life expectancy, and even if you wait until you're 60, you still can claim back an average 3 years by quitting. It's never too late to feel the benefits!

The Smell

Smokers themselves are often too used to the smell to notice, but to everybody around you, your clothes, breath and even your skin all stink of smoke. Never pleasant for colleagues, friends or family.

Smoking-related Illness

Probably the most common and most important reason for quitting is the number of smoking-related diseases that most commonly affect long-term smokers in later life. These include lung cancer, heart disease and many other serious conditions.

Smokers Age Faster

Smoking is a big factor in creating leathery skin and wrinkling, meaning that as a smoker you will show the signs of aging faster than non-smokers. This also means that you can save extra money by avoiding the need for costly anti-wrinkle creams.

Stress Less

The nicotine withdrawal between cigarettes is a big factor in raising smokers' stress levels. Since satisfying the craving only ever gives temporary relief, a much better solution is ditching your need for nicotine all together - the first step to a calmer life!

Taste and Smell

Cigarettes are responsible for dulling many of the senses, so the experience of eating and drinking is completely different for smokers and non-smokers. Giving up smoking can really enhance the pleasures of a good meal.

Safer For Those Around You

Second-hand smoke can seriously damage children's health, even increasing their risk of getting lung cancer as adults, so it always makes sense to quit for your family's sake. A heavy smoking habit can also be very worrying for family and friends alike, so deciding to stop shows that you care.


Smokers are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction, and the risk increases the more you smoke. It can also affect arousal levels, so not smoking makes for all round better intimacy.

More Energy

The tar that builds up in a smoker's lungs can lead to breathlessness, and smoking also causes circulation problems. If you want an extra boost for exercising or even just for everyday exertions, then getting rid of the cigarettes is probably the way to go.

If you're going to be quitting this March11th, or at any time, then you have 100% of our support. Don't forget to connect with other quitters if you want a great support network, and check out the resources over at the official No Smoking Day website.

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