10 Trusted Resources to find Good Healthcare Information for Patients

People are increasingly searching for information on their health online. However it is important to find trusted information when talking about diseases and conditions. This week has been Health Information Week and here are ten resources to help patients find the best information on their health on the web:

10 Trusted Resources to find Good Healthcare Information for Patients

My health apps

A collection of apps for conditions such as diabetes, mental health, older people and stomach, bowel and incontinence problems. The website has an easy to use interface, which allows you to browse the apps according to the condition you have. The apps have a page where it explains the cost of the app, languages available and the features. It also explains which conditions the app is available for. For example, Squeezy is an app to help improve pelvic floor muscles and it is suitable for both men and women and people with Cystic Fibrosis. This app is able to work on both Android and Apple devices including an Apple watch. The mobile version of the app has been simplified to work with smaller screen devices.

NHS Apps Library

The NHS Apps Library went from beta to live in February 2019. It aims to provide a place where the public and patients can find safe and trusted apps which will help improve healthcare and enable them to take control of their treatment. It lists useful apps in alphabetical order. The apps have met standards in clinical safety, security and usability which were designed by NHS Digital. You can filter apps by category or price, but categories are limited and if you don’t know the name of the app, then you might be scrolling through a few lists. Useful if you know which app you are searching for. There is also a mobile version. The app Squeezy, here is listed as three different apps: Squeezy, Squeezy CF and Squeezy for Men.

NHS website

The NHS website contains a wealth of information on a wide variety of healthcare, conditions and diseases. You can find information on staying healthy, medicines, treatments and symptoms of illness. You can find your nearest health professional, including a dentist, pharmacy, GP, A&E or urgent care services. There is information on healthy living and the latest information on accessing healthcare abroad. You can access the Apps Library and Change 4 Life information. There is also a section on Behind the Headlines, where you can read the actual information contained in the latest scientific studies rather than just the headlines. Many of the sections also have forums attached where people can share their experiences or ask questions.

Government Department of Health & Social Care

This website offers the latest advice and information on health and social care matters from the Government’s point of view. It offers guidance and regulation, the national framework information and enables people to apply for EHIC cards and prescription prepayment certificates. It is also possible to apply for a Freedom of Information request and this website explains how to go about it.

Reading Well

This website points patients to helpful books on health and wellbeing. The books have been chosen by health experts and people who live with the conditions as well as their relatives and carers.

Your Health Talk

A collection of real life experiences of people living with health issues and conditions. These videos can help people to understand what it is like to live with these issues and those who are newly diagnosed can find information and support. There is also a youth version: youthhealthtalk.org 

Alongside the videos is a wealth of information about the subject. The mobile version is also very accessible.

The Pain Toolkit

The person who set up this website, runs workshops for pain management. The workshops are paid for and run online, so that people can take part as long as they have access to a computer and internet. The workshops are for people who live with persistent pain.

Men’s health forum

Information aimed specifically at men.

BDA (Association of UK Dieticians)

This website offers a number of foot fact sheets to enable people to learn how to eat healthily and keep their body in good working order. The food fact sheets are downloadable and able to be printed. Subjects include: Babies, Children and Pregnancy, Weight Loss, Detoxing and Health Claims,  Nutrients in Food, Medical Conditions and Healthy Eating and Lifestyle.

Change 4 Life

User-friendly app to help and support people with young families to make changes for the good of their own and their loved ones’ health.

One You

Website by Public Health England that encourages people to get more active and eat more healthily. Includes home exercise videos, quizzes, offers and apps.

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