10 Useful Website Resources for Health Professionals

The digital age has brought a wealth of resources for health professionals. Apart from the ability to conference call face-to-face and live-stream procedures, a number of websites offer the ability to enhance professional development and knowledge. Many of the websites offer forums and the chance to connect with other professionals, asking and answering questions. For health professionals looking to expand, there are also many websites looking at global health, comparing and examining ways to improve the health of nations. Here are just a few of the websites that we have found:

10 Useful Website Resources for Health Professionals

NHS Improvement Hub

This website is a one-stop shop to enable foundation trusts and NHS trusts to offer patients consistent, safe, compassionate and high quality care which is sustainable in local health care systems. It supports the NHS Long Term Plan, and aims to help local trusts retain staff, follow the Interim NHS People Plan and also offers performance statistics. It includes patient experience stories, a number of resources and improvement tools.

Stories for Health

This is a website that uses freelance journalists to interview ordinary patients about their health journey. The stories can be commissioned for a variety of uses including research articles, patient information, marketing material and evaluations.

Learning to use Patient Stories

This website began as a two year project to improve patient experience in the health care system. It has grown and changed into a project which brings the health trusts of Wales together, sharing tools for improvement, innovations and creating opportunities for networking. The original document is rewritten every few years to reflect current practice. The organisation work alongside charities, health trusts, academic institutions, the public sector and government institutions to focus on quality improvement. An important part of their work is to engage the public.

Dr Jargon playing cards

This is a downloadable resource that offers a number of cards describing different health conditions, using the usual jargon used by doctors. The aim of the game is to describe the key conditions and treatments to the team, using jargon-free, child-friendly language when limited to a timer. The aim is to help health professionals to explain health conditions as if to a child. No gestures, sound effects, noises, abbreviations or use of “sounds like” allowed. 

How to spot fake news infographic

This infographic is a great discussion starter to enable people to discuss the issue of fake news and how to spot and combat it. This is a free-to-use resource from librarians in the Information Society.

The social prescribing network

The social prescribing network aims to support research and evaluation, to support people who can enable social prescribing and to encourage collaborations. The group aims to host conferences to bring together and highlight expertise and knowledge. They also strongly encourage research and evidence-based practice. Social prescribing is defined as enabling patients to be referred to a link worker to help them design a personalised solution to improve their health and wellbeing. The services are often offered by the community and voluntary sector and can be initially prescribed by healthcare professionals.

Social prescribing discussion board

A discussion board has been set up to discuss social prescribing, but it could possibly do with a few more members. It is worth keeping an eye on for the latest information.


Healthcare information for all or HIFA is a global organisation which aims to improve healthcare information in low- and middle-income countries. The aim of the organisation is to bring about a world where every person has access to healthcare information to enable them to protect their family’s health and their own. The website gives examples where access to knowledge on healthcare could save lives, as treatment is cheap and easy to access, if people know about it. The website introduces discussions on issues and organises conferences and webinars on topical subjects. There is also a forum for people who choose to join the organisation, and a number of different language forums.

TED Talks on Mindfulness

A collection of TED talks on the subject of mindfulness.

Good Day at Work 2019

An annual conference, taking place in Manchester in September, that opens a conversation about the quality of work and what it can offer. Includes speakers and opportunities for networking. This conference is not exclusive to health care professionals, but may be useful to attend.

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