Drink sensibly this Christmas and New Year

The holiday season is here, and for a lot of people that means party time! It'€™s fantastic to have an excuse for celebrating with friends and families, but it is also more important than ever to ensure that you're keeping an eye on what you're drinking. Luckily, with some simple knowledge about the effects of alcohol it's easy to make sure that you're staying safe while still having fun. We'€™ll run you through some of the dangers of excessive drinking, and help you make an educated choice this Christmas and New Year.

Impaired Judgement

The first few drinks can help loosen your tongue or give you the confidence to get up on the dance floor, but if you start to feel yourself losing control of your actions then it might be time to move on to the mocktails. One of the first effects of excessive drinking is impaired judgement - and from rowdy behaviour to risk-taking, when people start to act without thinking a friendly get together can soon turn sour. Alcohol can also start to affect your coordination and balance, and nobody wants to be injured just in time for Christmas!


When you've begun to lose a grip on what'€™s going on around you, it'€™s much harder to look after yourself and your friends. It'€™s easy to rely on the people close to you to take care of you, but if they'€™re drinking too then they might not have their wits about them either!


Blacking out or losing consciousness is one of the most dangerous short term effects of excessive drinking. Passing out can cause you to hit your head or otherwise injure yourself, and it'€™s also a sign of alcohol poisoning. Since alcohol poisoning can also cause vomiting, passing out while drinking can be very dangerous. It happens when you’re liver doesn'€™t have enough time to process the drinks at the rate you're consuming them -€“ so make sure that you pace yourself, perhaps opting to alternate your alcohol with soft drinks.

Long Term Effects

Regularly exceeding sensible amounts of alcohol can have a long term impact. Health conditions including high blood pressure, liver disease, throat and mouth cancer and even permanent brain damage have all been associated with excessive drinking. Getting carried away over one holiday season probably isn'€™t worth the trouble that it could cause for your future self!

So What's In My Drink?

One of the best ways to stay safe is simply to know what you're drinking. Make sure that you're aware of how many units there are in the drinks that your consuming, and never be afraid to switch to soft drinks when necessary! Above all, have a great Christmas and New Year.

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