Fantastic New Veterinary Anatomy Models available from AnatomyStuff

Veterinary models are essential to help vets practise skills and educate pet owners and farmers. 

New anatomy models have been added to our range. Here are some of the goodies that you can find under the Vet tab on our website.

Fantastic New Veterinary Anatomy Models available from AnatomyStuff

Bovine Rumen Model.

This anatomy model of a bovine rumen recreates the interior and exterior in detail. This is a fantastic educational aid and is a durable model.

A model representing the full digestive system of a cow could also be useful as an educational aid for farmers and smallholders.

Hen Anatomy Veterinary Model

Chicken Anatomy Model.

Keeping chickens has become a popular pastime, so these two hen anatomy models are an ideal educational tool. The models are life-size and represent the internal organs of a hen. One model features removable guts for extra detail.

Mammal Front Legs Anatomy Model Set

Mammal Front Legs Anatomy Model.

This mammal front legs set enables comparison to be made between the real-life front leg skeletons of a dog, a horse, a cow and a pig. The model also includes a plastic cast of a human hand. Instructions are included to assemble the models on their display stand. It matches the display of animal hind legs which was already available.

Other veterinary anatomy models include a display set of different mammal tooth types, a display of mammal metacarpal and metatarsal bones and a number of different animal disarticulated skeletons including, a cow, a chicken, a duck, a goose, a pig and a sheep.

Chicken Skull Veterinary Model

Chicken Skull Anatomy Model.

A chicken skull and a duck skull have also been added to our other veterinary anatomy skulls which already included a cow, a goose, a sheep, a pig and a horse.

Equine Musculature Veterinary Poster

Equine Musculature Anatomy Chart.

We have also added an exclusive equine anatomy chart on the superficial and deep musculature of a horse. Other models in the equine range include two clinical skills models including vascular access and an advanced equine simulator. There is also a flexible horse foot skeleton and a 2 part horse skull model. A flexible horse spine skeleton is also available, with or without skull. Bone anatomy models also include the sacrum, sternum, front and hind legs and pelvis of a horse.

K9 Canine Heart/Breath Simulator

K9 Canine Heart/Breath Simulator.

Veterinary clinical skills can also be enhanced by the feline CPR manikin and the canine CPR manikin. The CPR model is delivered with a lifelike airway, working lungs, which can be used to practise mouth to snout resuscitation, compressions and endotracheal placing. The manikin can also be used to practise bandaging and splinting limbs. Disposable parts can be replaced.

Critical Care Fluffy Feline Simulator

Critical Care Fluffy Feline Simulator.

The critical care model for either canines or felines features vein access in a number of sites, representations of the trachea, oesophagus and epiglottis, enabling practise of airway management, intubation, CPR and external chest compressions. All the equipment necessary to carry out the procedures is included along with a practical carry case.

Check out our guide to canine CPR if these models interest you.

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