New Vet Models on is pleased to announce its expanded range of veterinary models.

Canine Ear Model - Normal/Infected

We now have a full range of vet models by GPI Anatomicals, a US-based company founded in 1980 and renowned for its quality anatomical models. Models by GPI Anatomicals include both canine anatomy models - including models of the hip, pelvis, knee, shoulder, heart and spine - and feline anatomy modelsĀ - including models of the shoulder, elbow, heart, hip and pelvis. These models are ideal for detailed study of veterinary anatomy. Models of animals with heartworm, fleas and infections are also available for study of veterinary pathologies.

Horse Model

We also have a range of models by German companies Erler Zimmer and 3B Scientific, including cat and dog skeletons, and horse and cow anatomy models.

See here for canine anatomy models.

See here for feline anatomy models.

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