Where to find information on Equestrian Anatomy

Whether you own a horse yourself or work with them as a part of your job, you'll know how important it is to understand their anatomy - if you want to care for them properly and get the best out of them then it's something that you have to know! Even if you only have a casual interest in learning about the species, anatomy can be an interesting and useful part of that information. However, it can be difficult to know which internet sites have the most useful information when you're trying to do some research - that's why we've compiled this list of reliable online resources about equestrian anatomy. 

horse anatomy

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Horses Inside Out

Horses Inside Out calls itself "an educational service delivered in a fascinating and fun way," and offers a great list of articles written by professionals such as trainers and therapists. These aren't exclusively about anatomy, but there is enough anatomical information to make it more than worth checking out.

Think Like a Horse

Think Like a Horse has a fantastic collection of images offering diagrams of horse anatomy and illustrations which can help you understand various parts of the horse's body. A visual aid can be really useful for really understanding how the horse's anatomy works.

Equestrian Outreach

The Equestrian Outreach Equine Anatomy page is one of the most comprehensive resources, containing detailed descriptions of a horse's digestive and skeletal systems, other internal systems, and the external anatomy. It presents a lot of technical information in a way which should be easy to understand.

Equine Studies

The Equine Studies 'Knowledge Base' is full of really detailed readings about many different topics - including horse anatomy. This is a fantastic resource for anyone who is ready to hone their knowledge by looking at the finer details.

The Horse

Equine healthcare website The Horse has a section dedicated to anatomy and physiology, which includes articles, news items, and also a section for answering readers' questions. These articles are especially useful if you're looking for a medical approach.

Understanding the anatomy of a horse means understanding why it behaves as it does, how you can best take care of it, and how to be sure that its needs are being met. Check out any of the resources above if you want to build up a deeper knowledge about this important part of a horse's life.

As well as the resources listed above, you can find a range of educational material on our website.

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