Our Brands: The Anatomical Chart Company

We have been supplying Anatomical Chart Company charts for over 13 years, and to this day they are our most popular brand of anatomy and health education charts.

Large size, laminated and with holes for hanging, you will be likely to find a Anatomical Chart Company chart or two at the majority of the UK's hospitals, clinics, and universities - and no doubt on the bedroom doors of students swotting up their anatomy for exams!

The chart titles focus on pure anatomy, applied anatomy, diseasesĀ or specific health issues such as high blood pressure. There are over 100 titles available from AnatomyStuff.co.uk.

Our most popular Anatomical Chart Company title is the The Muscular System Anatomical Chart, featuring classic images by Peter Bachin.


See a full range of Anatomical Chart Company titles on AnatomyStuff.co.uk

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