Sun Awareness Week

The weather may not have aligned its schedule with sun awareness week, but we can hold out hope for a sunnier summer and get prepared for it too!

Firstly, prevention is always the best cure for anything. Here are the all important sun safety tips that everyone should know and try to adhere to, most important between the months of March and October.

- The sun is strongest between 11am and 3pm, so try to stay shaded during this timeframe
- Use sunscreen, anything factor 30 or above is the most suitable
- Do not get sunburnt
- Use hats, sunglasses and suitable clothing to cover up your skin for extra protection
- Take extra care of the amount of sun exposure children get

In order to prevent skin damage, sunscreen is a great tool to cover your skin with a protective layer; but most people are doing it wrong!

- If you’re going to be in the sun for a long time, apply it TWICE before leaving. 30 minutes before leaving and just before going out
- Apply to all exposed skin, so don’t forget your ears, neck, face and head (no hair, thinning hair and on your crowns or partings)
- Entire body coverage for an adult (wearing a swimming costume) should be 2 tablespoons of sunscreen consumption
- Head, arms and neck coverage for an adult should take 2 teaspoons of sunscreen
- Read the instructions on the bottle as to when to top up your coverage
- Remember the more you sweat, the more it will come off, and it will also rub off when scratching, rolling around on a towel or taking clothes on and off
- It is very likely you will need to re-apply straight after being in water and towel drying

What if you didn’t heed the warnings and have gone and got yourself a little burnt? Firstly, promise you’re not going to do it again and add sunscreen to your shopping list immediately.

- Get in the shade and stay there until all redness has gone
- If you feel unwell, the skin blisters or swells, get medical attention
- With a sponge, put water gently onto the affected skin, followed by an aftersun spray or cream that will be soothing. Ones with aloe vera are especially good.
- If you have inflammation or the pain from the burn is bad, paracetamol or ibuprofen could help alleviate them slightly

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