The Effects of Alcohol

We’re happy to launch our series on alcohol and how it can affect you in many areas of life!

“Alcohol: Know Your Limits” is a colourful presentation showing the official 14 units / week alcohol consumption guidelines, what a single measure looks like, an explanation of glass sizes and ABV and the drink-drive limits.

There are interesting facts, that include the official guidelines that both men and women are advised not to drink more than 14 units a week. These units should be spread out evenly, so no saving up units for a big night out on the weekend - that's not how it works. A few drink-free nights a week are an excellent way of staying in control of your unit intake.

“Alcohol and your Body” presents the effects of excessive drinking on the organs of the body, including the damage caused to the brain, heart, pancreas, increase of cancer risk and reduced fertility.

An interesting fact included on this particular poster is that alcohol affects both male and female fertility. In women, menstrual cycles can be disrupted and in men, alcohol affects the development of the sperm's structure.

“Alcohol: The Real Cost of Drinking” shows the effects of drinking on mental and physical health, relationships, appearance, finances and a person's overall safety.

One topic covered is your appearance. Most alcoholic drinks contain a lot of sugar, but also when we've had a few too many, it is common for us to crave some takeaway food to help soak up the alcohol. Dehydration caused by alcohol can also lead to causing wrinkles, making you look older!

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