Prostate Examination

View our range of rectal and prostate examination trainers, ideal for clinical skills training. We also offer a range of prostate anatomical models (both normal and pathological), prostate gland posters and charts, prostate examination displays for patient information, and models and charts explaning prostate cancer.
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Our prostate examination clincal skills trainers offer students the opportunity to practice rectal examination and prostate examination skills in the classroom. We have a range of models and charts designed to educate clients on the differences between and normal prostate and pathological prostate, which may be affected by conditions such as enlarged prostate, prostate cancer or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Our popular range of charts include titles on prostate anatomy, prostatic cancer, and colorectal cancer, and show the relation of the prostate to other organs in the body such as the bladder and testes.