AnatomyStuff.co.uk is dedicated to bringing you the best range of top-quality anatomy products on the web.

We have anatomical models and charts from the biggest brands to suit every budget and purpose, whether you are a student, health professional or hospital.

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AnatomyStuff.co.uk is dedicated to bringing you the best range of top-quality anatomy products on the web. We have Anatomical Models from the biggest brands, such as 3B Scientific, GPI Anatomicals and Somso Modelle, to suit every budget and purpose - whether you are a student looking for a revision aid to a hospital looking for anatomy models to last for decades.

We have a full range of Anatomy Charts and Posters from brands such as the Anatomical Chart Company and Elsevier Health. Anatomical charts will brighten up any clinic or classroom, while educating viewers about human anatomy, health or common conditions. For all your anatomy models and anatomical charts, think Anatomystuff!

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  • 3 Interesting Studies that have enabled Scientists to add to their Knowledge of Parkinson’s Disease

    Parkinson’s Disease is a condition that progressively worsens over time. There is no cure, although medication can help to reduce symptoms.  The three main symptoms of the disease are:

    • Tremors or involuntary shaking of different parts of...
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  • The Anatomy of the Human Nose

    The most prominent part of the human face is the nose. It is both the first organ of the respiratory system and the main organ in the olfactory system. The shape of the nose is defined by cartilage and bone. Male human noses tend to ...

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  • 5 Facts about Eating Disorders

    It is estimated that around a quarter of eating disorders affect men.  The conditions are not confined to women nor are they restricted to young people. It is possible to develop an eating disorder at any age, although many cases are between the ages of 13...

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