Budget Skeleton Model with Muscles and Ligaments

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Budget Skeleton Model with Muscles and Ligaments

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A life-size skeleton model with muscle markings and ligaments shown.
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A life-size (170cm tall) human muscle skeleton model featuring muscle origins and insertions on one side, and ligaments of the joints on the other. Designed to teach viewers about the basics of the bones, muscles and ligaments of the skeletal system, perfect for physiotherapy clinics and other medical settings.

The skeleton model is articulated on the left hand side to allow demonstration of peripheral joint movements. It is a pelvic mounted skeleton and the arms and the legs are removable for study if required, and the skeleton can also be easily removed from it's stand. Ligaments are shown on the right hand side at the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and foot, and limited movement only can be shown at these joints.

The muscle origins and insertions are colour coded on the left hand side of the skeleton for ease of study. The muscles are numbered for ease of identification. The skull includes movable jaw, cut calvarium (top of skull), suture lines, and 3 removable lower teeth.

The plastic skeleton comes with a stand and a clear dust cover included, and the 5 caster stand ensures a stable and movable base. A hard wearing and washable skeleton reproduction, ideal for schools and for introductory anatomy classes or demonstrations. The XC-101 version of this skeleton model is available, without the muscles or ligaments.

The muscles featured on this model include:

A1. Orbicularis oculi muscle
A40. Genioglossus muscle
A2. Corrugator supercilii muscle
A41. Sternothyroid muscle
A3. Depressor supercilii muscle
A42. Sternohyoid muscle
A4. Transverse part of nasalis muscle
B1. Trapezius muscle
A5. Alar part of nasalis muscle
B2. Latissimus dorsi muscle
A6. Depressor septi muscle
B3. Levator scapulae muscle
A7. Levator labii superioris muscle
B4. Rhomboideus muscle
A8. Zygomaticus minor muscle
B5. Erector spinae muscle
A9. Zygomaticus major muscle
B6. Serratus posterior superior muscle
A10. Depressor anguli oris muscle
B7. Serratus posterior inferior muscle
A11. Levator anguli oris muscle
B8. Pectoralis major muscle
A12. Depressor labii inferioris muscle
B9. Pectoralis minor muscle
A13. Incisor labii superior muscle
B10. Serratus anterior muscle
A14. Incisor labii inferior muscle
B11. External intercostales muscle
A15. Mentalis muscle
B12. Internal intercostales muscle
A16. Buccinator muscle
B13. Diaphragm
A17. Temporalis muscle
B14. Transversus thoracis muscle
A18. Masseter muscle
B15. Rectus abdominis muscle
A19. Medial pterygoid muscle
B16. Obliquus externus abdominis muscle
A20. Lateral pterygoid muscle
B17. Obliquus internus abdominis muscle
A21. Tensor veli palatini muscle
A23. Platysma muscle

B20. Pyramidalis muscle
A24. Sternocleidomastoid muscle
B21. Subclavius muscle
A25. Occipitalis muscle
B22. Semispinalis capitis muscle
A26. Digastric muscle
B23. Rectus capitis posterior major muscle
A27. Stylohyoid muscle
B24. Rectus capitis posterior minor muscle
A28. Styloglossus muscle
B25. Obliquus capitis superior muscle
A29. Longus capitis muscle
B26. Obliquus capitis inferior muscle
A30. Rectus capitis anterior muscle
B27. Longus colli muscle
A31. Rectus capitis lateralis muscle
B28. Splenius capitis muscle
A32. Longissimus capitis muscle
B29. Levator ani muscle
A33 Levator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscle
B30. Coccygeus muscle
A34. Scalenus anterior muscle
B31. Deep transverse perineal muscle
A35. Scalenus medius muscle
B32. Superficial transverse perineal muscle
A36. Scalenus posterior muscle
B33. Ischiocavernosus muscle
A37. Mylohyoid muscle
C1. Deltoid muscle
A38. Geniohyoid muscle
C2. Supraspinatus muscle
A39. Omohyoid muscle
C3. Infraspinatus muscle
C4. Teres minor muscle
E9. Gluteus medius muscle
C5. Teres major muscle
E10. Quadratus femoris muscle
C6. Subscapularis muscle
E11. Gluteus minimus muscle
B18. Transversus abdominis muscle

D2. Coracobrachialis muscle
F1. Sartorius muscle
D3. Brachialis muscle
F2. Rectus femoris muscle
D4. Triceps brachii muscle
F3. Vastus lateralis muscle
D5. Brachioradialis muscle
F4. Vastus medialis muscle
D6. Pronator teres muscle
F5. Vastus intermedius muscle
D7. Flexor carpi radialis muscle
F6. Pectineus muscle
D8. Flexor carpi ulnaris muscle
F7. Adductor longus muscle
D9. Flexor digitorum superficialis muscle
F8. Gracilis muscle
D10. Flexor pollicis longus muscle
F9. Adductor brevis muscle
D11. Flexor digitorum profundus muscle
F10. Adductor magnus muscle
D12. Pronator quadratus muscle
F11. Biceps femoris muscle
D13. Extensor carpi radialis longus muscle
F12. Semitendinosus muscle
D14. Extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle
F13. Semimembranosus muscle
D15. Extensor digitorum muscle
F14. Articularis genus muscle
D16. Extensor carpi ulnaris muscle
G1. Tibialis anterior muscle
D17. Supinator muscle
G2. Extensor hallucis longus muscle
D18. Abductor pollicis longus muscle
G3. Extensor digitorum longus muscle
D19. Extensor pollicis brevis muscle
G4. Gastrocnemius muscle
D1. Biceps brachii muscle
E12. Obturator externus muscle

D20. Extensor pollicis longus muscle
G5. Soleus muscle

D21. Extensor indicis muscle
G6. Plantaris muscle
D22. Anconeus muscle
G7. Tibialis posterior muscle
D23. Abductor pollicis brevis muscle
G8. Flexor hallucis longus muscle
D24. Flexor pollicis brevis muscle
G9. Flexor digitorum longus muscle
D25. Opponens pollicis muscle
G10. Popliteus muscle
D26. Adductor pollicis muscle
G11. Peroneus longus muscle
D27. Palmar interosseous muscles
G12. Peroneus brevis muscle
D28. Dorsal interosseous muscles
G13. Extensor digitorum brevis muscle
D29. Abductor digiti minimi muscle
G14. Extensor hallucis brevis muscle
D30. Flexor digiti minimi muscle
G15. Abductor hallucis muscle
D31. Opponens digiti minimi muscle
G16. Flexor hallucis brevis muscle
E1. Psoas major muscle
G17. Adductor hallucis muscle
E2. Iliacus muscle
G18. Abductor digiti minimi muscle
E3. Piriformis muscle
G19. Flexor digiti minimi muscle
E4. Obturator internus muscle
G20. Flexor digitorum brevis muscle
E5. Gemellus superior muscle
G21. Quadratus plantae muscle
E6. Gemellus inferior muscle
G22. Plantar interosseous muscle
E7. Gluteus maximus muscle
G23. Dorsal interosseous muscle
E8. Tensor fasciae latae muscle
G24. Peroneus tertius muscle
A22. Levator veli palatini muscle
B19. Quadratus lumborum muscle

Budget Skeleton Model with Muscles and Ligaments XC-101A
Skeleton dimensions: 170 cm without base / 180 cm with base; base diameter 56cm.


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