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Skull Model (3 Part) with Painted Muscles

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Painted plastic skull showing muscle origins and insertions.
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A plastic skull model with painted muscles for study of the the skull bones, jaw and muscle attachments.

The skull in three dissectible parts including a movable jaw on a spring with 3 removable teeth (incisor, cuspid and molar). The left hand side of the skull features painted muscles origins (red) and muscle insertions (blue). Muscles are also been numbered for ease of identification.

The top of the calvarium is fixed with clasps and is removable to reveal the interior and brain cavity, with internal bone structures visible. The external and internal bony nuances are visible on this skull cast, showing the fissures, sutures, foramina, processes etc of the human skull at life size. A good value skull for basic anatomical study of the bones and facial muscles. The XC-104D skull model is the same cast but without the musculature.

The muscles featured on this model are as follows:

A1. Orbicularis oculi muscle
A23. Platysma muscle
A2. Corrugator supercilii muscle
A24. Sternocleidomastoid muscle
A3. Depressor supercilii muscle
A25. Occipitalis muscle
A4. Transverse part of nasalis muscle
A26. Digastric muscle
A5. Alar part of nasalis muscle
A27. Stylohyoid muscle
A6. Depressor septi muscle
A28. Styloglossus muscle
A7. Levator labii superioris muscle
A29. Longus capitis muscle
A8. Zygomaticus minor muscle
A30. Rectus capitis anterior muscle
A9. Zygomaticus major muscle
A31. Rectus capitis lateralis muscle
A10. Depressor anguli oris muscle
A32. Longissimus capitis muscle
A11. Levator anguli oris muscle
A33 Levator labii superioris alaeque nasi
A12. Depressor labii inferioris muscle muscle
A13. Incisor labii superior muscle
A37. Mylohyoid muscle
A14. Incisor labii inferior muscle
A38. Geniohyoid muscle
A15. Mentalis muscle
A40. Genioglossus muscle
A16. Buccinator muscle
B1.Trapezius muscle
A17. Temporalis muscle
B22. Semispinalis capitis muscle
A18. Masseter muscle
B23. Rectus capitis posterior major muscle
A19. Medial pterygoid muscle
B24. Rectus capitis posterior minor muscle
A20. Lateral pterygoid muscle
B25. Obliquus capitis superior muscle
A21. Tensor veli palatini muscle
B28. Splenius capitis muscle
A22. Levator veli palatini muscle

Technical Information

Product details Budget Skull Model XC-104B
Skull dimensions: 21 cm tall, 15 cm wide.
Size Life size

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