Dr. Nicholas Dixon MbchB MRCOG

Specialist Trainee Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr. Nick Dixon is originally from Kirkham near Preston. Since graduating from Liverpool University Medical School in 1996, Nick has worked in a number of local hospitals and practices, including Hope Farm Medical Centre, Great Sutton which he joined in 2006. 


Nick joined the Bunbury Practice team in 2009 and became a partner in the practice in March 2011.

In addition to his private practice, he contributes to NHS services at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and London North West NHS Trusts. His areas of expertise include;

• Ultrasound scanning for Gynaecology and Early Pregnancy

• Cancer diagnostics including office hysteroscopy

• Laparoscopic surgery (Ovarian cystectoomy, Hysterectomy, excision endometriosis, adehsiolysis, myomectomy)

• Hysteroscopic surgery

• Early Pregnancy care - medical and surgcial

• Obstetrics including vaginal and caeasrean births.

Nick, along with Clarice Ciarlantini from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust,
 headed out to Madagascar at the beginning of April 2023. Their mission is simple, to deliver healthcare and healthcare training for one month in a remote area of Madagascar.  

Products reviewed by Dr. Nicholas Dixon

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This chart has been medically reviewed by Mr. Nicholas Dixon, MbchB MRCOG, Specialist Trainee Obstetrics and Gynaecology.