Skeleton, Muscle & Joint

Browse our range of skeleton, muscle and joint anatomical charts, including posters of the shoulder, knee, hip, foot and ankle, and hand and wrist. Our laminated charts allow for annotation with a washable marker pen, great for teaching and patient education. 

Ligaments of the Joints Chart / Poster - Laminated

"Came so fast and is awesome!! So informative and large! I love that it's laminated as I have been highlighting everything I need to remember. Thanks so much!"

Chia Li


Learn the internal organs of the human body in-depth with our wide range of organ anatomical charts, including posters of the anatomy of the brain, heart, lungs, eyes, ears, digestive and reproductive systems. Our comprehensive organ chart collections make teaching and learning easy, and our anatomy colouring book offers the opportunity for creative learning!

Disease & Disorder

Learn or teach about common conditions that effect our bodies like thyroid diseases, diabetes, epilepsy as well as the dangerous effects of excessive alcohol use and smoking. From a type 2 diabetes education poster to a digestive system pathology poster, explore over 100 different disease and disorders charts.

Bestselling Patient Education Charts

The Anatomy of
Breast Cancer Chart

Help patients understand their condition and empower them to make lifestyle changes with this fantastic poster.

£16.80 (Inc. Tax)

£14.00 (Ex. Tax)

The Anatomy of
Hypertension Chart

The poster contains useful information about hypertension and empowering patients to seek help.

£16.80 (Inc. Tax)

£14.00 (Ex. Tax)

The Anatomy of 
Menopause Chart

Enhance your clinic with our chart detailing signs, symptoms, stages, treatment options and more of menopause.

£16.80 (Inc. Tax)

£14.00 (Ex. Tax)

The Anatomy of
Prostate Cancer Chart

This is a detailed,
patient-friendly chart detailing risk factors, symptoms and stages prostate cancer.

£16.80 (Inc. Tax)

£14.00 (Ex. Tax)

Health Education

Dive deep into essential health education topics with our extensive range of charts, highlighting critical areas such as antenatal health, smoking, alcohol and drug awareness, PSHE, and sexual health. Every poster we offer is rich in detail and accuracy, providing comprehensive information on a wide array of health-related topics, habits, and their impact on wellbeing.

PSHE 15 Poster Collection

Our PSHE poster collection has been designed in-house, with meticulous research to ensure it aligns with the latest National Curriculum. This poster set includes the core subjects of PSHE; Personal, Social, Health and Economic. Use these posters when educating secondary school and college students on topics from the latest PSHE National Curriculum.

Clinical Skills

Expand your clinical skills knowledge with our extensive collection of charts and posters, specifically curated for comprehensive medical and nursing education. Covering a wide variety of topics, our resources delve into key areas such as catheterisation, injections, ostomy care, pressure care, and more.


Browse our selection of veterinary charts and posters covering musculoskeletal and organ anatomy, health and safety, pathologies and more. Our vet posters feature popular pets such as horses, cats, dogs and rabbits, and farm animals such as cattle and sheep.

Get all three of our bestselling canine anatomy charts in one money-saving set. Each dog poster illustrates the canine anatomy in beautiful detail. Our anatomy posters are ideal for display in veterinary practices or for study at undergraduate level.