Skeleton Models

We offer a selection of quality anatomically accurate skeleton models. From basic anatomy skeletons to advanced replicas, we stock life-sized skeletons, disarticulated skeletons and desktop models. Discover anatomical skeletons from AnatomyStuff and other leading brands such as 3B Scientific and Erler Zimmer.

Budget Skeleton Model with Muscles and Ligaments

"The best money I've ever spent. Absolutely delighted! I'm an MB ChB student and wanted to support my studies with a model I could interact with, to build a 3D picture of human anatomy in my mind for upcoming OSCE exams. I would highly recommend this model. I would also say this is a high quality and a detailed item as well as very aesthetically pleasing to sit in the office!"

Sophie Keate

Spines and Skulls

Find the perfect spine or skull model from our extensive selection. Our spine models are available in rigid or flexible formats with optional herniated discs, ligaments, muscle origins and insertions and colour-coding for teaching.

Coloured Osteopathic Skull Model

A good value, coloured skull model that can be disassembled into 22 bones for easy study and observation.

£301.20 (Inc. Tax)

£251.00 (Ex. Tax)

Budget Skull Model (3 part)

This bestselling human anatomy skull is hard-wearing and washable. Ideal for schools and introductory anatomy demonstrations.

£26.40 (Inc. Tax)

£22.00 (Ex. Tax)

Joint and Muscle Models

Discover our range of human anatomy models of the joints, muscles, bones, and fat. The perfect visual tool for demonstrating the musculoskeletal system including bones, joint structure, and movement. Great for medical training and patient education. Life-sized and flexible models are available from the bestselling AnatomyStuff range and leading brands including Erler Zimmer, 3B Scientific, and GPI Anatomicals.

Popular Brands

Organ Models

Our human organ models are ideal for studying the body's anatomical systems, including the brain, heart, lungs, skin, liver, and more. From life-sized models for general education to detailed and pathological models for advanced learning. Explore our wide range of organ models from our own bestselling AnatomyStuff range as well as leading brands like 3B Scientific, Life/Form and Health Edco.

Budget Heart Model (2 part)

"I use this on my First Aid courses together with the laminated chart I purchased from you last year. It is great for teaching and adding knowledge to this subject."

Malcolm Bowen

Are you looking for outstanding bundles of anatomy charts and models?

Look no further with our exclusive collections!

Physiotherapy Teaching

The ultimate collection for learning and teaching about the human musculoskeletal system, perfect for physiotherapists, students and clinics. 

Organ Anatomy

Covering comprehensive anatomy of the internal organs, this collection consists of six models and eight charts. Perfect for medical practices and students.

Peripheral Joint
Anatomy Collection

This is the best collection for learning human peripheral joint anatomy, perfect for physiotherapists, physiotherapy students and medical professionals.