Jack March

Specialist Rheumatology Physiotherapist

Jack March is a renowned Rheumatology Specialist Physiotherapist and the Operations Director at Chews Media/Physio Matters. With a deep passion for rheumatology, Jack has been instrumental in the Physio Matters Podcast, contributing significantly since 2015. He also serves as a speaker for Novartis, focusing on AxSpA presentations for AHPs.

Jack's expertise extends to private physiotherapy and CPD courses in rheumatology, which he has been offering through JMPhysiotherapy since 2016. His clinical experience is further enriched by his role as a Specialist Physio in Orthopaedics at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King's Lynn NHS Foundation Trust, where he has been making a difference since 2010.


Jack holds a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from the University of Plymouth, graduating with a 2:1 grade. His commitment to rheumatology and patient care makes him an invaluable asset to medically reviewing our new anatomy charts.

Products reviewed by Jack March

This poster is a detailed and informative resource offering comprehensive insights into psoriatic arthritis. 


The poster provides a thorough comprehension of psoriatic arthritis and includes the following details: concise information on psoriatic arthritis, symptoms, the process of diagnosis, self-help and treatment options available and possible complications.

Crafted by skilled medical illustrators, the poster boasts vibrant and captivating colours, creating an engaging design. The content is carefully curated, providing reliable and verified information.


This chart has been medically reviewed by Jack March, Specialist Rheumatology Physiotherapist