Michael O'Reilly MCSP SRP PDM 

Physiotherapist, Founder of Optineck

Michael O’Reilly is an experienced physiotherapist with a dedicated focus on neck pain management spanning over two decades. Drawing from this extensive experience, he has created the OptiNeck Balance Wedge®, a unique exercise device designed to address the root causes of various upper quadrant conditions, including neck, shoulder/arm, and upper back issues.

Michael enjoys the challenge of treating complex and longstanding problems that have not responded to previous interventions. His is passionate about helping people to optimise the use of their necks and shoulders, ultimately enhancing their quality of life both in the present and for the future.

Beyond clinical practice, Michael has actively contributed to the development of our patient education handouts, particularly those addressing neck pain and headaches. His expertise ensures that these resources are not only informative but also tailored to empower individuals in their journey towards optimal neck and shoulder health.