In order to provide effective care professionals need to be able to understand and empathise with their patients.

This includes communicating effectively, listening to their concerns, and providing emotional support and reassurance.

According to the Health Foundation, the number of people older than 85 in England will double in the next 25 years!

Gain Geriatric Clinical Skills and Empathy Skills

It is crucial that healthcare students and professionals receive regular geriatric clinical skills and empathy skills training. Our wide selection of patient simulators and simulation sets can help with this.


Take TERi, for example, students can practice over 40 vital clinical skills and geriatric care procedures - on just one model! From how to provide basic daily living assistance, such as bed baths to more complex tasks, such as suprapubic catheterisation. 

Geriatric Simulation & Empathy Skills Training

Disease and Disorder

As people age, they become more susceptible to chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and cognitive impairment, which can require specialised care.


Use our accurate and detailed anatomy and pathology charts to raise awareness and educate your patients. Each chart has the additional option of a printable handout, allowing the patient to understand and digest the information in their own time.

Tips after Hip
Replacement Surgery

Also called hip arthroplasty, this type of surgical procedure is carried out in conditions when there is severe arthritis, avascular necrosis, severe fracture, or any condition that damages the hip joint.

Pressure Ulcer Care

Helpful Resources for Patients & Professionals

Educational Posters

Free Geriatric Care Resources