Inspire patients, students and clients to lead a healthy lifestyle with our diverse collection of health education resources. From interactive simulators to colourful posters, find exactly what you need to promote healthy eating, regular exercise and much more.


Eating a well-rounded and balanced diet is a fundamental part of maintaining good health. However, it can be often be difficult for patients, students or clients to know where to begin. That’s where our colourful and engaging posters can help – they provide lots of useful information about the nutritional benefits of different foods, empowering people to make healthy lifestyle choices.


Our highly advanced simulators offer an interactive, engaging and memorable learning experience. Wear the obesity suit to experience weight gain of up to 30kg on both the arms and the legs to teach trainees all about challenges of being overweight, developing understanding, insight and empathy.


Signpost your pateints to this blog to help them understand what a pound of fat equals and how they can maintain a healthy weight.


Our eye-opening products are a great way to kick-start conversations about healthy eating, weight management and physical activity. Discover fat and muscle models ideal for personal trainers, dietitians, weight loss classes and doctors.

Alcohol Education

As health promoters, you need clear and accurate information to pass on to your patients. Our resources will support you to enable your patients to develop a healthy relationship with alcohol.

View our latest free resources about living with alcohol. Share with your patients struggling to support their loved ones who have an alcohol problem. We offer tips for finding support and insight into the effects of alcoholism on everyone.

Effective Patient Education Tools

Our patient education and free resource section includes informative charts and blogs around common health conditions. Signpost your clients to our health hub and save time and resources while acting in your patient’s best interest by supporting them to find accessible and evidence-based health education.

Encourage your Clients to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Teaching patients to care for their physical and mental health combined can be challenging, but with our free resources, charts and models, it becomes easier to demonstrate to patients how they can be self-caring with their whole health. Our latest blogs investigate how to live holistically well without a huge financial cost.

The NHS recommend the average adult consumes 6-8 glasses of hydrating fluid each day. Discover our latest blog to which covers why it’s so important to stay hydrated.

What vitamins & minerals help mental health? Read our informative resource which covers how vitamins & minerals support mental wellbeing. Magnesium, vitamin C, D, B6, B12, and Omega3 fatty acids.