TSL Healthcare have 40 years of experience manufacturing low-cost, high performing period care consumables and will ensure your organisation provides the best solution in this rapidly growing category. Being active members of the Absorbent Hygienic Product Manufacturers Assosication (AHPMA), TSL have been recognised as the voice of the UK absorbent hygiene products industry by government departments and regulatory bodies. 

Starting Your Period Poster

Our 'Starting Your Period' poster is a helpful visual aid providing clear and concise information about what to expect when starting menstruation. It includes information on questions from teens about their periods as well as the signs of PMS that are great to look out for and key for helping understand the different period blood colours. 

"14% of women said they have avoided or missed work during their period, while 13% have missed school or university or college. 39% missed sport or exercise, while 25% missed socialising with friends while on their periods. "

ActionAid Survey

Understanding Common Female Health Conditions

The educational guide, designed by our professional medical illustrators at AnatomyStuff, includes information on all the essential details related to the smear test. This valuable resource can be conveniently printed out in leaflet form and utilised across diverse healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, general practice clinics, women’s health centres, as well as community centres.

"Our world-class resource in absorbency has secured our position as a major player in the period care market.


We offer an extensive range of period care products, including exciting patented technology that puts TSL at the forefront of innovation. All period care products are available with FSC® materials."