Sian Bowen

Master of Osteopathy     Clinical Director/Osteopath 

Sian graduated in 2015 from Swansea University with a first class honours following 4 years studying as a Master of Osteopathy. Prior to becoming an Osteopath, Sian worked in the NHS as a Physiotherapy Technician and in high level sport for over 10 years, in both rugby and football as a Sports Therapist.


Since qualifying, Sian has completed post graduate training in acupuncture, treating fibromyalgia, headache/migraine management, female pelvic pain/gynaecology and pre/post natal care. She has also trained with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) and is a qualified Animal Osteopath and now treats horses, dogs and everything in-between!


Sian’s special interests include the treatment of headaches/migraines, pre/post natal care and sports injuries/rehabilitation.

Products reviewed by Sian Bowen

Gentle exercises can alleviate the stiffness and discomfort associated with osteoarthritis. The Hand & Wrist Osteoarthritis Exercises Leaflet presents a comprehensive array of exercises for individuals with osteoarthritis. Globally, osteoarthritis is the most prevalent form of joint disease, and it is primarily caused by the mechanical wear and tear of the cartilage in the joints.


The educational leaflet contains 6 commonly recommended exercises, along with useful guidance for relieving pain and can be printed out to distribute in diverse healthcare settings, including general practitioners and orthopaedic clinics.


This patient education leaflet has been medically reviewed by Sian Bowen (M. Ost, PG Cert AO), Osteopath.

Enhance patient education with this engaging and informative
The Anatomy of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Poster. It would look great hung in various locations such as GP surgeries, physiotherapy clinics, hospitals, libraries and workplaces. 
This colourful and easy-to-understand poster raises awareness about carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), a common condition which many people will experience throughout their life. The text throughout the poster contains patient-friendly language. Additionally, the illustrations have been carefully designed by our professional medical illustrator, ensuring they are anatomically accurate.


This chart has been medically reviewed by Sian George (M. Ost,

PG Cert AO), Osteopath.