Advanced Full-body Geriatric Nursing Manikin

Advanced Full-body Geriatric Nursing Manikin

Item Number: A-106723-4
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Students can practice catheterisation, enema insertion, patient positioning, tracheostomy care and much more.
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Discover this Advanced Full-body Geriatric Nursing Manikin. Designed for healthcare students and professional caregivers, it is an excellent resource to enhance geriatric patient care training. 

There are two options available – a male (A-106723) or female (A-106724) manikin. Both offer students the unique opportunity to learn and practice a huge variety of important skills. From providing personal hygiene such as face washing to more complex tasks such as bladder irrigation, this model is a fantastic addition to any classroom. 

Key features: 

  • Face and hair care washing (combing) 
  • Smooth, washable surface and bed baths 
  • Clothing changes 
  • Dilated, constricted and normal pupils 
  • Hearing aid placement and removal 
  • Ear canal irrigation, otic drops 
  • Eye irrigation 
  • Oral care, denture cleaning 
  • Oral and nasal hygiene: lavage, gavage, suctioning, tracheal cannula 
  • Tracheostomy care 
  • Uncircumcised male urinary catheterisation (male manikin only) 
  • Female urinary catheterisation (female manikin only) 
  • Oxygen inhalation therapy 
  • Intramuscular injection sites: Arm, Thigh, Buttock 
  • Allows practice of IV placement, infusion of fluids 
  • Bladder irrigation 
  • Thoracentesis, bone marrow aspiration, lumbar puncture 
  • Enema administration 
  • Prostate examination, prepuce available (male manikin only) 
  • Ostomy care 
  • Colostomy 
  • Sacral ulcer 
  • Various tumours (benign and malicious) 
  • Skin folds 
  • Realistic patient positioning 
  • Simulated joint stiffness 
  • Fully articulated limbs, move like a person 
  • Blood pressure skills 
    • Independent setup of systolic pressure and diastolic pressure 
    • Adjustable systolic pressure and diastolic pressure within 0-300mmHg 
    • Adjustable volume of Korotkoff sounds 

Students can also practice fundamental tasks such as patient handling and transfer. This is particularly important to practice on a manikin before a patient because good technique is key for both the safety of the patient and the caregiver. 

Contents include: 

  • 1 x Full-body Geriatric Nursing Manikin (male OR female) 
  • 1 x Clothes 
  • 1 x Oxygen therapy catheter 
  • 1 x Nasogastric feeding tube 
  • 1 x Gastric tube 
  • 1 x Enema tube 
  • 1 x Catheterisation tube 
  • 1 x Deltoid block 
  • 1 x Gluteus maximus block 
  • 2 x Buttock block 
  • 1 x Dorsum of hand 
  • 1 x Infusion set 
  • 2 x Fluid reservoir 
  • 1 x 5ml Syringe 
  • 1 x 50ml Syringe 

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