Bone Clones Bird Skulls

Bone Clones Bird Skulls

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Replication of bird skull models showcasing their unique and distinctive characteristics.
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Introducing the Bone Clones Bird Skulls, ideal replica skull models designed for veterinary professionals and students.

The Hyacinth Macaw Skull Model is comprised of two components: 1 cranium and 1 jaw. It features a large and robust skull with a prominently sized, hook-shaped black beak. The upper beak appears remarkably large, deeply curved, and sharply tapered. Additionally, a cranial crest extends from the top of the skull backward, creating the distinctive crown-like look of the macaw. Notably, the eye sockets are relatively spacious and located on the sides of the skull, while the nasal openings are positioned near the junction of the beak and the skull.

The Penguin Skull Model showcases a single piece structure where the jaw is affixed to the cranium. The beak is elongated, pointed, and slightly flattened. Notably, the eye sockets are situated on the side of the skull to grant an expansive field of vision, while the upper section of the beak hosts the nasal openings.

The Raven Skull Model, consisting of a single piece where the jaw is affixed to the cranium, displays a sharp, pointed beak, prominent eye sockets that grant binocular vision to ravens, and nasal openings situated at the beak's base. The skull also features a relatively large cranial capacity compared to a raven's body size.

The Crow Skull Model is a 1-part skull model (jaw glued to cranium) that displays a pointed beak, eye sockets, and nasal openings found at the base of the beak. Additionally, the skull features a relatively large cranial capacity to house the well-developed brain of a crow.

The Ruby-throated Hummingbird Skull Model presents a small single-piece skull model (jaw attached to cranium) with a long, slender, and slightly curved beak. This skull model also highlights nasal openings positioned at the beak's base, along with relatively large eye sockets in proportion to the skull size.

The Barn Owl Skull Model is a one piece skull model (jaw affixed to cranium) that showcases distinctive characteristics including a heart-shaped facial disc and asymmetrical ear openings, with one opening situated higher on the skull than the other. Additionally, the skull highlights large eye sockets, a notably spacious cranial capacity, and nasal openings situated at the base of the beak.

The Horned Puffin Skull Model showcases a unique design, featuring a cranium with an attached jaw. The upper beak is detachable and secured using wax. Notably, the beak exhibits vibrant colours, predominantly orange-red with a yellow tip, and boasts a distinctive shape. Positioned on the skull's sides are the prominent eye sockets, while the nasal openings are situated at the beak's base.

The Osprey Skull Model is a single piece representation (jaw attached to cranium) displaying a curved and sharp beak characterised by a distinctive hooked tip. Notably, the model showcases large, well-defined eye openings positioned along the side of the skull, while the nasal openings are located on the sides of the beak.

The Short-eared Owl Skull Model is a 1-part replica model (jaw attached to cranium) that highlights prominent frontal eye sockets and nasal openings positioned on the beak. The skull's flattened and broad contour contributes to the owl's unique facial profile.

The Flamingo Skull Model showcases a 1-part replica skull (jaw affixed to cranium), characterised by a long, slender, and arched beak specifically designed for filter feeding. Prominent eye sockets flank the sides of the skull, while nasal openings are positioned near the base of the beak. Adding to its uniqueness, a pronounced cranial crest extends from the bill's foundation to the crown of the head.

The Barn Owl Skull Model, Egg, and Talon set includes a Barn Owl Skull Model alongside its egg and talon. The egg is relatively small compared to the size of the bird and typically features a white hue and a subtly oval form. Its size can vary but often fall within the range of 3.8 to 4.6 cm in length. As for the talon, it boasts a sharp and curved configuration, meticulously crafted for seizing and gripping onto prey.

The Bone Clones imitation skulls are valuable educational tools suitable for veterinary students and professionals, perfect for instructional and educational uses.

Bone Clones Bird Skulls - BC-029-062-074-075-151-153-162-166-245-306-153-SET

Model dimensions: 10 cm x 6.4 cm x 12.2 cm
Model weight: 0.45 kg


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