Brain with Arteries Model (9 part)

Brain with Arteries Model (9 part)

Item Number: C20
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Medially divided brain with arterties which dissects into 8 parts, and has a removable basilar artery.
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Medially divided brain with arterties which dissects into 8 parts, and has a removable basilar artery.

This brain model with arteriesis a medially divided, anatomically accurate reproduction of the brain showing the blood supply. The basilar artery of the brain is removable and both halves of the brain can be broken down into 4 pieces each for further study, as follows (8 brain parts in total, plus basilar artery):

  • Frontal with Parietal lobes
  • Temporal with occipital lobes
  • Half of brain stem
  • Half of Cerebellum

The Brain with Arteries Model is an ideal aid for studying the human nervous system and the anatomy of the brain at a high level. The brain model comes on a removable stand.

The C20 / 1017868 Brain Model features the following anatomical landmarks, which are listed on a keycard included:

1 Frontal lobe
2 Parietal lobe
3 Occipital lobe
4 Temporal lobe
5 Central sulcus
6 Precentral gyrus
7 Postcentral gyrus
8 Olfactory bulb
9 Anterior commissure
10 Corpus callosum
a Genu
b Trunk
c Splenium
d Rostrum
11 Septum pellucidum
12 Fornix
13 Posterior commissure
14 Insula
15 Internal capsule
16 Lateral ventricle
e Frontal horn
f Central part
17 Choroid plexus
g Occipital horn

19 Thalamus
20 Hypothalamic sulcus
21 Hypothalamus
22 Interthalamic adhesion
23 Pineal gland
24 Left mammillary body
25 Pituitary gland
26 Choroid plexus of 3rd ventricle

31 Tectal plate
32 Tegmentum of midbrain
33 Cerebral crus
34 Aqueduct of midbrain

35 Cerebellum
a Vermis
b Tonsil
c Flocculus
d Arbor vitae
e Fourth ventricle
36 Pons
f Superior cerebellar peduncle g
g Middle cerebellar peduncle
h Inferior cerebellar peduncle

37 Medulla oblongata
38 Inferior olive
39 Pyramid
40 First cervical nerve (C1)

Cranial Nerves
I Olfactory nerve II
II Optic nerve
III Oculomotor nerve
IV Trochlear nerve
V Trigeminal nerve
VI Abducent nerve
VII Facial nerve
VIII Vestibulocochlear nerve
IX Glossopharyngeal nerve
X Vagus nerve
XI Accessory nerve
XII Hypoglossal nerve

Cerebral arterial circle (Circle of Willis)
1 Anterior cerebral artery
2 Anterior communicating artery
3 Internal carotid artery
4 Middle cerebral artery
5 Posterior communicating artery
6 Posterior cerebral artery
7 Superior cerebellar artery
8 Basilar artery
9 Pontine arteries
10 Labyrinthine artery
11 Anterior inferior cerebellar artery
12 Vertebral artery
13 Posterior inferior cerebellar artery
14 Anterior spinal artery

Download Brain with Arteries Model (9 part) C20 / 1017868 product manual here.

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Brain with Arteries Model (9 part) C20 / 1017868
Model Dimensions: 15 x 14 x 16 cm
Model Dimensions: 0.9 kg
Manufacturer: 3B Scientific
Comes with manufacturer's Full 5 Year Warranty
Country of origin: Poland


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