Budget Flexible Spine Model with Pelvis and Painted Muscles

Budget Flexible Spine Model with Pelvis and Painted Muscles

Item Number: XC-105A
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Life-size flexible spinal column model with painted muscle origins and insertions.
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This life-size, flexible spinal column model with pelvis and painted muscles presents the anatomical structure of the spine. The left side of the spine shows the muscle attachments, with muscle origins shown in red and attachments in blue. The spine model also features the spinal cord, spinal nerves, all vertebrae and the vertebral artery, plus a herniated disc. Muscles are also been numbered for ease of identification.

This spinal column model includes the pelvis and is supplied with a 86cm chrome metal stand for display in a classroom or clinic. The vertebral column can be easily removed from the stand for study of the anatomy of the spine.

A good value model ideal for patient demonstrations or for basic anatomical study of the spine and its musculature. The XC-105 spine is the unpainted version of this model.

Anatomical parts have also been numbered for ease of identification. The muscles featured on this vertebral model are as follows:

A29. Longus capitis muscle
B30. Coccygeus muscle
A30. Rectus capitis anterior muscle
B31. Deep transverse perineal muscle
A31. Rectus capitis lateralis muscle
B32. Superficial transverse perineal muscle
A32. Longissimus capitis muscle
B33. Ischiocavernosus muscle
A34. Scalenus anterior muscle
E1. Psoas major muscle
A35. Scalenus medius muscle
E2. Iliacus muscle
B2. Latissimus dorsi muscle
E3. Piriformis muscle
B3. Levator scapulae muscle
E4. Obturator internus muscle
B4. Rhomboideus muscle
E5. Gemellus superior muscle
B5. Erector spinae muscle
E6. Gemellus inferior muscle
B6. Serratus posterior superior muscle
E7. Gluteus maximus muscle
B7. Serratus posterior inferior muscle
E8. Tensor fasciae latae muscle
B13. Diaphragm
E9. Gluteus medius muscle
B15. Rectus abdominis muscle
E10. Quadratus femoris muscle
B16. Obliquus externus abdominis muscle
E11. Gluteus minimus muscle
B17. Obliquus internus abdominis muscle
E12. Obturator externus muscle
B18. Transversus abdominis muscle
F2. Rectus femoris muscle
B19. Quadratus lumborum muscle
F6. Pectineus muscle
B20. Pyramidalis muscle
F7. Adductor longus muscle
B22. Semispinalis capitis muscle
F8. Gracilis muscle
B23. Rectus capitis posterior major muscle
F9. Adductor brevis muscle
B24. Rectus capitis posterior minor muscle
F10. Adductor magnus muscle
B26. Obliquus capitis inferior muscle
F11. Biceps femoris muscle
B27. Longus colli muscle
F12. Semitendinosus muscle
B29. Levator ani muscle
F13. Semimembranosus muscle

Budget Spine Model with Pelvis XC-105
Spine height: 74 cm / 29"; 82 cm when on stand.
Made in China.


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