Nursing Skills Manikins

Our selection of nursing skills manikins are designed for complete training in clinical skills for nurses and nursing assistants, including washing and dressing, wound care, catheterisation, stoma care and more.

Infant & Child Simulators

Teach paediatric clinical skills on our range of realistic infant and child simulators, ranging from premature baby to newborn and older children.

Birthing Simulators

Practice a range of obstetrical and midwifery skills on our realistic birthing simulators, including full body birthing manikins and torso-only models.

Geriatric Simulators

Teach geriatric nursing and patient care skills with our realistic full body manikins and patient simulation training models.

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Rescue Manikins

Browse our comprehensive range of rescue manikins and training dummies. The Simulaids range of Rescue Randy manikins are realistic in size and weight and offer articulated joints.