Bestselling Task Trainers

Bowel Care and
Enema Trainer

This life-size, portable clinical skills trainer allows for practice of bowel care and enema procedures by hospital and care workers.

£754.80 (Inc. Tax)

£629.00 (Ex. Tax)

Budget Multifunctional
Injection Block

A training pad with a curved surface for the practice of intradermic, subcutaneous and intramuscular injection techniques.

£39.60 (Inc. Tax)

£33.00 (Ex. Tax)

Advanced Venipuncture
and Injection Arm

Bestselling training arm providing complete venous access for IV therapy, cannulation, phlebotomy, and many more.

£980.40 (Inc. Tax)

£817.00 (Ex. Tax)

Gynaecological Patient
Education Model

Training model for the insertion of female barrier contraception, and also pessary insertion and intrauterine insemination.

£349.20 (Inc. Tax)

£291.00 (Ex. Tax)

Injection & Venepuncture

View our range of venepuncture training and injection training models, ideal for clinical skills training for nursing and medical professionals, including intramuscular and IV injection pads, venepuncture arms and more. 

Ostomy Care

View our ostomy care models, ideal for stoma care training and clinical skills education.


We have a great range of catheterisation models and charts for clinical skills training. Our catheter trainers are available in male, female and dual-sex models with interchangeable genitalia. 

Catheterization Simulator BASIC Set (Male and Female)

"The Female and Male catheterisation set is well-designed and put together. The set looks professional and the students can confirm good technique when the water is released. Would highly recommend and worth the money."



Our range of top quality auscultation models are perfect for clinical skills training, including heart and lung sound simulators.