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Ear Model (3 times life size, 6 part)

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Enlarged ear model showing the outer, middle and inner ear anatomy plus a removable eardrum with hammer, anvil and stirrup.
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A high quality, enlarged human ear model representing the anatomy of outer, middle and inner ear. Two removable bone sections to close the middle and inner ear reveal the inner workings of the ear when dissected.

Features of this ear anatomy model include a removable eardrum with hammer, anvil and stirrup, 2 part labyrinth with cochlea and auditory/balance nerve, all enabling detailed study of the anatomy of the human ear.

This E11 / 1000251 Ear Model is presented on a base for easy display in the classroom or clinic.

The following anatomical features appear on this ear model and are listed in English and Latin on the keycard provided:

A  External ear
 1  Auricle
 2  External acoustic meatus
 3  Tympanic membrane
 4  Fibrocartilagineus ring

B   Middle ear
 5  Tympanic cavity
 6  Tensor tympani muscle
 7  Pharyngotympanice tube
 8  Malleus
 8a  Head of malleus
 8b  Handle of malleus
 8c  Anterior process
 9  Incus
 9a  Short limb of incus
 9b  Long limb of incus
10  Lenticular process
11  Stapes
11a  Head of stapes
11b  Posterior limb
11c  Base of stapes

C  Internal ear
12  Vestibule
13  Oval window
14  Round window
15  Lateral semicircular canal
15a  Lateral bony ampulla
16  Anterior semicircular canal
16b  Anterior bony ampulla
17  Posterior semicircular canal
17c  Posterior bony ampulla
18  Cochlea
19  Vestibulocochlear nerve
20  Internal carotid artery
21  Tensor veli palatini

Download Ear Model (3 times life size, 6 part) E11 / 1000251 product manual here.

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Warranty 5 Year
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Ear Model (3 times life size, 6 part) E11 / 1000251
Model dimensions: 34 x 16 x 19 cm
Model Weight: 1.4 kg
Manufacturer: 3B Scientific
Comes with manufacturer's Full 5 Year Warranty

Weight  1.393 kg

Dimensions         34 x 16 x 19 cm

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