Part of the challenge of being a health professional is coming up with creative ways to inspire and educate your clients to live a healthy lifestyle. We're here to help you with that! We offer an array of educational health products, motivational posters and informative free resources, fit to inspire everyone.

Finding Motivation and the Right Exercise for You

Cardio Exercises that also Strengthen the Muscles

Walking, jogging and running can be done almost anywhere. Learn the muscles we are strengthening and find out what a "double float" is in our running anatomy article.

A Sport Which Provides both Spiritual & Physical Benefits

Learn about the anatomical benefits that yoga has to offer, inspire others to become yogis and reap the amazing health and wellness benefits of yoga. Read more about yoga anatomy.

Your Favourite Activity, Framed and Fit for any Space!

We offer a range of anatomy charts and fine art prints showing the intricacies of the human body whilst performing a range of sports and exercises. Our charts have all been designed by our in-house medical artists and illustrators, so they look beautiful in any space and are guaranteed to be anatomically accurate.

Educate Others about the Importance of Physical Activity

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Weight

What is an optimal weight? Health issues may arise when being overweight. Read more to understand what a pound of fat equals and how to maintain a healthy weight.

The Benefits of Regular Exercise

Exercise not only the means to weight control. It is also great for mental health and wellbeing. Read to discover more about fitness and wellbeing.

What diseases can exercise help to prevent and manage?

For the Health of Your Gut

Did you know that regular low-intensity exercise such as cycling, yoga and dancing can positively impact your gut health? Find out more about how to improve and maintain gut health!