Invest wisely, sharpen practice and transform the future of health care with our clinical skills training simulators.

Bowel & Enema Care

Put skill sets to the ultimate test with this Bowel Care and Enema Trainer. Realistic, life-size and portable, this trainer can be used to practice a range of bowel care clinical skills away from a busy ward. It’s diverse and durable design allows for a cost-saving approach to overall spending. 


Developed with a patient-centric focus our catheter training models and charts go hand in hand. Choose from male, female or dual sex catheterisation models. Practice inserting, positioning and inflating balloon catheters whilst simultaneously experiencing life-like resistance and simulated urine flow.

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Pressure Ulcer Care

Despite best efforts and good care practices, sometimes pressure ulcers happen, and when they do, you’ll want to be efficiently prepared to manage them.

Boost nurse and healthcare training sessions with our pressure ulcer and wound care models and charts.

Nursing Skills Manikins

The complete training solution when it comes to developing clinical skills in nursing. 


Realistic and life-sized manikins to practice up to 18 core clinical skills, including washing and dressing, wound care, catheterisation, stoma care and more! 

Money Saving Bundles

We never compromise on quality, we create innovative products with your budget in mind. Our collections have been created by medical professionals and are underpinned by quality – make your budget go further with our handpicked bundles.

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Clinical skills are paramount elements of training, whatever the speciality. That’s why we have supplied the NHS with medical training equipment for over 20 years.