Male Pelvis with Bladder Anatomical Model (2 part)

Male Pelvis with Bladder Anatomical Model (2 part)

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Male pelvis section model with the genital organs and bladder, and removable rectum.
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This high quality male pelvis model by 3B Scientific shows the internal anatomy in median section. One half of male genital organs with bladder is shown at the normal position in the male pelvis. The rectum is removable for a more detailed study of the male pelvic anatomy.

The male pelvis section anatomy model is delivered on baseboard allowing the model to be wall mounted if required.

The following anatomical features appear on the H11 / 1000282 male pelvis model and are listed in English and Latin on the keycard provided:

1 Intervertebral disc
2 Lumbar vertebra
3 Spinal marrow
4 Spinous process
5 Internal iliac artery
6 Sigmoid colon (pelvic colon)
7 Muscular coat of bladder
8 Fundus of bladder (Vortex of bladder)
9 Coccygeal bone
10 Internal urethral orifice
11 Prostatic utricle
12 Anococcygeal ligament
13 Sphincter ani externus muscle
14 Sphincter ani internus muscle
15 Rectal ampulla
16 Cauda of epididymis
17 Cremaster muscle
18 Testis
19 Head of epididymis
20 External opening of masculine urethra
21 Cavernous body of penis
22 Spongy part of masculine urethra
23 Spongy body of penis
24 Masculine urethra, prostatic part
25 Pubic symphysis
26 Transverse rectal fold
27 Apex of urinary bladder
28 External iliac artery
29 External iliac vein
30 Right ureter
31 Inferior mesenteric artery
32 Abdominal aorta
33 Renal artery
34 Crest of ilium
35 Bladder
36 Deferent duct (spermatic duct)
37 Left ureter
38 Seminal vesicle
39 Muscular coat of bladder
40 Prostate
41 Bulbospongiosus muscle
42 Head of epididymis
43 Cauda of epididymis
44 Scrotum
45 Testis
46 Glans of penis
47 Penis
48 Spermatic plexus
49 Testicular artery
50 Pubic bone
51 Visceral peritoneum
52 Rectus abdominis muscle
53 Bladder
54 Deferent duct (spermatic duct)
55 Right ureter
56 Right testicular artery
57 Right testicular vein
58 Rectus abdominis muscle
59 Aponeurosis of obliquus externus abdominis muscle
60 Obliquus internus abdominis muscle
61 Transversus abdominis muscle
62 Renal pelvis
63 Renal cortex
64 Quadratus lumborum muscle
65 Latissimus dorsi muscle
66 Erector spinae muscle
67 Psoas major muscle

Download Male Pelvis with Bladder Anatomical Model (2 part) H11 / 1000282 product manual here.

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Male Pelvis with Bladder Anatomical Model (2 part) - H11 / 1000282
Model dimensions:41 x 31 x 17 cm
Model weight: 2.5 kgs
Manufacturer: 3B Scientific
Comes with manufacturer's Full 5 Year Warranty


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