Nikki the Nursing Manikin with Auscultation

Nikki the Nursing Manikin with Auscultation

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Learn nursing skills such as wound care, bandaging, hair care, oxygen inhalation, auscultation and male and female catheterisation.
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Assess medical students' current nursing skills, practice new patient care skills, bowel, heart and lung auscultation, and bedside care with this Nikki the Nursing Manikin with Auscultation.

This unique nursing manikin features over 42 life-like auscultation sounds, including 11 anterior and 4 posterior auscultation sites. This manikin is powered by the leaders in auscultation simulation - Cardionics.

Designed and developed to offer realistic scenario-based training, this nursing simulation manikin allows students to gain competency when carrying out advanced nursing procedures and delivering patient care.

This life-size, adult manikin comes with the Cardionics NursingScope Auscultation Training Stethoscope. This electronic NursingScope has been designed for auscultation training and objective structures clinical examinations (O.S.C.E). Connecting wirelessly with the controller, this NursingScope allows the instructor to access a variety of high-quality sounds from the Cardionics library. Instructors and students can manually select and change both physiological and pathological sounds. Once the NursingScope is placed on the auscultation site the sound will play.

This nursing manikin includes the following auscultation sounds:

  • 21 heart sounds
  • 15 lungs sounds
  • 6 bowel sounds

Nikki the Nursing Manikin with Auscultation has interchangeable genitals, meaning it can be used as both a male or a female patient. The natural movement of the arms and legs, and flexible joints enable this manikin to be positioned like a real-life patient. Sit the manikin upright to recreate an 'in bed' scenario for treatments, examinations and other bedside competencies. The durable, unbreakable, and water-resistant plastic has been designed for longevity when using this everyday trainer.

The following nursing skills can be gained with this manikin:

  • Patient and personal care:
  • Transfer skills: lifting, carrying, and moving a patient
  • Bed care of a patient
  • Position changing and alignment of a patient
  • Bathing a patient (inc. genital care)
  • Hair care (washing, combing, drying)
  • Care and cleaning of eyes, ears and nose
  • Personal hygiene and mouth denture care (partially removable prosthesis)
  • Bandaging (includes amputation stump)
  • Wound treatment and care (surgical staple seam, laceration and abrasions)
  • Communication skills, including a step-by-step explanation of Enema administration

The following clinical skills can be learnt:

  • Prevention of bedsores (Decubitus)
  • Decubitus evaluation (stages 2-4)
  • Decubitus care
  • Prevention of muscle cramps
  • Prevention of pneumonia
  • Prevention of blood clots (Thromboses)
  • Prevention of healthcare-associated infection (HAI) by measures of medical asepsis and clean techniques
  • Inhalation therapy
  • Oxygen inhalation
  • Use of ventilation bag (mouth to mouth and mouth to nose)
  • Artificial respiration, oxygen treatment
  • Care of tracheostomy
  • Care of Diabetic Foot Syndrome (DFS)
  • Ostomy care (colostomy)
  • Irrigation of eyes and ears
  • Intramuscular injections (buttocks)
  • Subcutaneous injections (upper arms and thighs)
  • Subcutaneous infusion

The manikin comes with removable organs, they are:

  • Male catheterisation CH14
  • Female catheterisation CH14
  • Gastric (stomach) lavage
  • Intestinal irrigation
  • Irrigation of the bladder
  • Irrigation of the vagina

A number of auscultation skills can be learnt with the included NursingScope simulated stethoscope:

  • Train correct stethoscope placement
  • Train diagnosis of normal and abnormal heart, lung and bowel sounds and their variations
  • Train correct anatomical terminology
  • Train essential communication skills with patients and medical staff

Contents include:

1 x Nikki the Nursing Manikin
1 x Cardionics NursingScope Auscultation Training Stethoscope
1 x NursingScope software (delivered on a laptop)
1 x Router
1 x USB cable
1 x Organs (lungs, heart, stomach, bladder and intestinal section)
1 x Upper arm, thigh, and buttocks injection pad
1 x Intestine tube
1 x Catheter
1 x Duodenal probe

You can find out more about Nikki the Nursing Manikin with Auscultation by downloading the product brochure.

Nikki the Nursing Manikin with Auscultation - 1022952

Product dimensions: 126cm x 51cm x 33cm
Weight: 22kg
Manufacturer: 3B Scientific
Made in the USA


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