Wound Moulage

Wound Moulage

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The Wound Moulage models are a great training addition for general education and awareness of ulcers. Thorough teaching on causes, diagnosis and treatment can help improve patient care.
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The Wound Moulage model is available in multiple variations showing sacral decubitus, venous ulcers or arterial leg ulcers.

  • Sacral Decubitus (Untreated) - PW001A
  • Sacral Decubitus (Cleaned) - PW001B
  • Venous Leg Ulcer in Exudation Phase (small) - PW002A
  • Venous Leg Ulcer in Granulation Phase (small) - PW002B
  • Venous Leg Ulcer in Epithelisation Phase (small) - PW002C
  • Venous Leg Ulcer in Exudation Phase (large) - PW003A
  • Venous Leg Ulcer in Granulation Phase (large) - PW003B
  • Venous Leg Ulcer in Epithelisation Phase (large) - PW003C
  • Arterial Leg Ulcer in Exudation Phase (small) - PW004A
  • Arterial Leg Ulcer in Granulation Phase (small) - PW004B
  • Arterial Leg Ulcer in Epithelisation Phase (small) - PW004C
  • Arterial Leg Ulcer in Exudation Phase (large) - PW005A
  • Arterial Leg Ulcer in Granulation Phase (large) - PW005B
  • Arterial Leg Ulcer in Epithelisation Phase (large) - PW005C

The realistic models provide a valuable asset in the general education and awareness of ulcers. Thorough training improves patient care by enabling staff to quickly identify ulcers and learn about their treatment, including correct bandaging technique.

The various Wound Moulage models can all be adhered to a dummy or person for life-like practice. It is made from materials that are dermatologically harmless and sticks without any additional glue or adhesive (may require special skin glue for longer exercises).

It is supplied in a storage box to prolong the life of the model and allow for easy transport.

Wound Moulage Sacral Decubitus

This Wound Moulage Sacral Decubitus is available is an untreated or a cleaned version.

  • The Untreated Wound Moulage Sacral Decubitus version is perfect for teaching how to diagnose and treat pressure ulcers. It clearly shows that the constant pressure has killed the surrounding tissue and has made the necrotic tissue visible. It is not possible to define the true size of the necrosis, so would require surgical treatment.
  • The Cleaned Wound Moulage Sacral Decubitus is ideal for sharing post-surgical information, care and bandaging techniques. It clearly shows that the pressure ulcer has been surgically cleaned, with the removal of the necrotic tissue and visible wound pockets.

The Wound Moulage Sacral Decubitus is ideal for training of why pressure sores and ulcers must be avoided for workers in care homes, nurses, spinal injury units and any other caregivers where mobility of the patients is reduced or very minimal. It also can be used for medical students to make diagnoses and suggestions for relevant treatments.

An additional feature is including the anal fold, so that the educator can explain the difficulty in connecting the wound during surgery and for demonstrating complications post-surgery in applying bandages.

Wound Moulage Venous Leg Ulcer and Arterial Leg Ulcer

The Wound Moulage Venous Leg Ulcer models and the Wound Moulage Arterial Leg Ulcers models are available in various sizes (small and large) and in different stages (exudation phase, granulation phase and epithelisation phase).

  • The exudation phase is the first stage of wound healing (also known as the cleansing phase), the body naturally flushes out debris, germs and metabolic waste products via the secretion of exudate, and during the course of manual cleaning of the wound, fibrin and excess wound exudate should be removed.
  • The granulation phase is the second stage of wound healing, during this phase connective tissue is formed rich in cells and vessels (also known as granulation tissue). At this stage, it is very important for the caregiver to avoid wound healing disorders such as fibrin persistence by selecting and applying the right bandage.
  • The epithelisation phase is the final stage of the healing of a wound, where epithelial cells are formed that eventually cause the closure of the wound.

Venous Leg Ulcers are the most common ulcer disease, with 60-80% of cases being a venous ulcer. They are the result of chronic venous insufficiency in the tissue of the lower leg.

Arterial Leg Ulcers are the result of peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAD), they are a good example of how small injuries can turn into chronic wounds when PAD causes a lack of oxygen and blood reaching the site of injury, inhibiting the natural healing of a wound. The models provide a great visual example of tissue necrosis.

Wound Moulage - PW00

Manufacturer: Erler Zimmer

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