Post-Operative Support for Your Pet Bundle (Printable PDFs)

Post-Operative Support for Your Pet Bundle (Printable PDFs)

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A set of 2 printable PDFs providing information on post-operative support for your cat and dog.
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Educate pet owners with the Post-Operative Support for Your Pet Bundle, a set of 2 printable PDFs providing readers with support on what steps to take for their cat or dog, following a surgical procedure. This is a valuable addition to veterinary clinics and pet shops, to be printed off in leaflet format and given to the relevant customers.

The Post-Operative Support for Your Cat summarises the following information:

  • What can be done to support the cat post-operatively
  • Medications which may be given
  • How to prevent or reduce the risk of wound infections
  • Urine and bowel outputs to look out for
  • Information on sutures
  • What to observe for in possible post-operative complications

The Post-Operative Support for Your Dog summarises the following information:

  • How the dog can be supported following the spay/neutering procedure
  • When the pet owner should seek further help
  • Aftercare procedures in the first 24 hours following the operation, as well as after 10-14 days

The Post-Operative Support for Your Pet Bundle empowers pet owners and gives them assurance that they are taking the right steps to meet the health and welfare needs of their pet. It will also educate them on instances where their pet may need further medical attention.

The PDFs have been written by the professional medical illustrators at Anatomy Stuff, in a concise and easy-to-understand manner. Readers can be confident that the information they are reading is accurate and up-to-date.

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