Frequently Asked Questions

Why RealCare Baby?

Known as the world-leading infant care simulator, the RealCare Baby® has been designed and developed to simulate a real infants behaviour. Crying durations, feeding schedules and handling techniques have been extensively researched to ensure the programme simulates a real-life baby. Use the software to uniquely programme each baby with various levels of difficulty. Nothing compares to the proven results of using RealCare babies!

What is the difference between the RealCare Baby vs. other infant simulators on the market?

The key benefits of the RealCare Baby, as opposed to other infant simulators, include advanced programme options, enhanced reporting and data collection, and realistic care needs, such as changing, feeding, and rocking, supported by smart detection and response features, with a long charge time compared to other competitors. 6 hours of charge for 7 days of operation, which is longer than any other infant simulator on the market. 

What do I need to start my programme?

To get started you will need to purchase the RealCare Baby Infant Simulator Starter Pack. This starter pack includes one baby, a charger, software and X Stick. The software included allows teachers to programme unique care events for each baby and can accommodate up to 100 babies. Additional babies can be added to the programme at any time, including our Shaken Baby, Down's Syndrome Baby, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby and Drug-Affected Baby.

What does the baby come with?

The RealCare Baby comes with the following accessories:
• 2-piece outfit
• Sleeper
• Infant bodysuit
• 2 colour-coded diapers
• Bottle
• ID with 5 wristbands
• 1 breastfeeding device

Are lesson plans included?

Yes, all the necessary lesson plans and curriculum are included with the RealCare Baby Infant Simulator Starter Pack, giving you everything you need to successfully run the RealCare Baby® Programme. Student workbooks and Child Care Career Scenario Cards can also be purchased separately to enhance the learning experience. 

What can I do if I need replacement parts?

We supply RealCare Baby replacement parts – contact us today to discuss your options. 

How does the body design compare with other infant simulators?

The RealCare Babies are specially sculpted vinyl bodies anatomically correct, 21 inches long and weighing 6 pounds. The realistic head support feature requires proper cradling from the caregiver.

Is the RealCare Baby available in different skin tones and genders?

Yes, RealCare baby comes in 7 skin tones and male and female genders. 

How realistic is the RealCare baby compared to other infant simulators?

The RealCare Baby is very realistic. Care needs are carried out just as you would with a real infant – rock, feed, change, dress, and burp the baby instead of inserting a key into the baby's back, as other infant simulators do. 

Any other key features that set the RealCare Baby ahead of other infant simulators on the market? 

Yes, body temperature is monitored realistically with the RealCare Baby. The built-in sensor that reports when the baby's temperature varies from the "safe zone" prompts further discussion with participants.

Is post-sale support available?

Yes, we provide a full after-sales support service. You can take a look at our support page for help regarding the setup, programming and operating of the RealCare Babies, or give our friendly support team a call Monday-Friday. Each RealCare Baby® also comes with a manufacturers 2-year limited warranty.