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The RealCare Baby® is the world’s most advanced infant simulator. An innovative teaching tool that brings reality right into the classroom! Allow students to understand and experience what it is like to have a baby in real-life, the RealCare Baby® Programme teaches confidence and skills in a practical and meaningful way. 

RealCare babies are being used in hundreds of schools and colleges across the UK.

Welcome the change from the textbook-only approach by bringing child development learning to life! 

The RealCare Baby® Programme is a course designed to enable empathy in students and teach them the reality of having a baby. It has been a great success across the UK and makes practical use of the RealCare babies as a bespoke teaching tool that brings learning alive.

A photograph of one of our RealCare babies

Students report learning more than 20 soft skills through the innovative programme including:

• Communication


• Empathy


• Social and emotional development


• Time management


• Responsibility

An  illustration of a pregnant person showing the baby

Reduce teen pregnancies

An  illustration of a love heart in a text bubble

Improve empathy skills

 illustration of a baby in a persons hands

Learn basic infant care

 illustration of a child holding two adults hands

Develop parenting skills

Engage students

"The babies are so helpful in explaining concepts and showing students in a more real way. I love this programme and think it is such a beneficial tool any school should have at their disposal."

Miss S Hall, Hazeley School

The RealCare Baby® Starter Packs

We offer a range of solutions to help teachers build their ideal package. This customisation allows schools and institutions to build unique programmes to suit their budgets and their students learning objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why RealCare Baby®?

Known as the world-leading infant care simulator, the RealCare Baby® has been designed and developed to simulate a real infants behaviour. Crying durations, feeding schedules and handling techniques have been extensively researched to ensure the programme simulates a real-life baby. Use the software to uniquely programme each baby with various levels of difficulty. Nothing compares to the proven results of using RealCare babies!

Are lesson plans included?

Yes, all the necessary lesson plans and curriculum are included with the RealCare Baby® Infant Simulator Starter Pack, giving you everything you need to successfully run the RealCare Baby® Programme. Student workbooks and Child Care Career Scenario Cards can also be purchased separately to enhance the learning experience. 

What do I need to start my programme?

To get started you will need to purchase the RealCare Baby® Infant Simulator Starter Pack. This starter pack includes one baby, a charger, software and X Stick. The software included allows teachers to programme unique care events for each baby and can accommodate up to 100 babies. Additional babies can be added to the programme at any time, including our Shaken Baby, Down's Syndrome Baby, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby and Drug-Affected Baby.

Is post-sale support available?

Yes, we provide a full after-sales support service. You can take a look at our support hub for help regarding the setup, programming and operating of the RealCare Babies, or give our friendly support team a call Monday-Friday. Each RealCare Baby® also comes with a manufacturers 2-year limited warranty. 

“I would recommend RealCare babies to other course leaders, particularly those in Early Years Education and Health and Social Care. It offers invaluable experiential learning, bridging theory with practical application, preparing students for real-world challenges.” 

Natasha Curzi-Micallef, Curriculum Director 

Maximise the Potential

Our extensive product range allows you to discover and explore multiple areas of the RealCare Baby Programme, from drug and alcohol affected infant simulators, to wearable pregnancy simulators and premature babies. Our PSHE charts educate students on topics such as consent, contraception and healthy relationships.