Your Guide To Lower Back Pain Leaflet (Printable PDF)

Your Guide To Lower Back Pain Leaflet (Printable PDF)

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A printable patient handout that provides a summary of lower back pain and relief strategies.
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This patient education leaflet has been medically reviewed by Sian Bowen (M. Ost, PG Cert AO), Osteopath.

Discover the Your Guide To Lower Back Pain Leaflet, a printable PDF that delivers a comprehensive overview on lower back pain. The versatility of this patient handout makes it appropriate for use in several settings, including healthcare facilities (such as hospitals, general practice, and orthopaedic clinics) and community centres.

The leaflet contains the following information for readers:

  • Prevention of lower back pain
  • Home management of lower back pain
  • Common exercises for alleviating discomfort

People of all ages often experience lower back pain which stems from various causes and has different recovery periods. Incorporating exercises into the rehabilitation of lower back pain is essential, as it promotes the stretching and repairing of the muscles that support the back. Illustrations are provided with each exercise to help users understand how to execute them.  

Medical illustrators from AnatomyStuff have expertly designed the leaflet to include only the latest guidelines and information.

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