Inform, empower, and support mothers-to-be with our comprehensive range of antenatal products. From pregnancy simulators to childbirth model sets, our diverse selection provides invaluable resources to guide expectant mothers through every stage of their pregnancy journey.

RealCare Baby Simulator

The RealCare Baby® is the world’s most advanced infant simulator and we are the exclusive UK supplier of the product. An innovative teaching tool that brings reality right into the classroom! Allow students to understand and experience what it is like to have a baby in real-life, the RealCare Baby® Programme teaches confidence and skills in a practical and meaningful way. 

Welcome the change from the textbook-only approach by bringing child development learning to life! 

The RealCare Baby® Programme is designed to enable empathy in students and teach them the reality of having a baby. It has been a great success across the UK and makes use of the RealCare babies as a bespoke teaching tool that brings learning alive.

Antenatal Posters

Discover our comprehensive range of antenatal and pregnancy posters, designed to educate and empower expectant parents. Our posters cover essential topics such as prenatal development, pregnancy anatomy, birthing positions, breastfeeding and many more. With clear visuals and informative content, our posters provide valuable guidance and support throughout the journey to parenthood, ensuring a healthier and more informed pregnancy experience.

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RealCare Pregnancy
Profile Simulator

The weighted vest includes many advanced features such as a rib constrictor belt to mimic the sensation of a baby pressing against or kicking the ribs, and a bladder pressure weighted bag.

£1,251.60 (Inc. Tax)

£1,043.00 (Ex. Tax)

Antenatal Educators

This is the ultimate product collection for antenal education, perfect for pregnancy and childbirth education. A guaranteed saving off the price of individual charts and models!

£342.00 (Inc. Tax)

£285.00 (Ex. Tax)

Budget Childbirth Model Set
(Pelvis, Foetal Doll and Placenta)

This set illustrates positions and stages of the baby's movement through the pelvic canal during birth. It helps to explain labour progression and potential complications such as breech position.

£193.20 (Inc. Tax)

£161.00 (Ex. Tax)

How Big Is Our Baby?
(Printable PDFs)

An expertly crafted product by our medical illustrators, this is a printable resource that demonstrates the growth during pregnancy, with common fruits and vegetables.

£3.60 (Inc. Tax)

£3.00 (Ex. Tax)

Cloth Breast and Hand

Puppet Breastfeeding Set

Use this set to prepare for breastfeeding, offering realistic demonstrations of techniques and positions. Address concerns such as reflux and sore nipples to ensure mothers-to-be feel confident.

£384 (Inc. Tax)

£320.00 (Ex. Tax)

RealCare Infant Health
Trio Baby Package

A great value teaching package from RealityWorks consisting of one Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Baby, one Drug Affected Baby simulator and one Shaken Baby Simulator. 

£2,030.40 (Inc. Tax)

£1,692.00 (Ex. Tax)